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7 December 2002 (Saturday)

passing grip(p)e, part ii

Long long ago I dreamt of being a physician, and my fascination with the human anatomy tends to resurface when I get sick, or badly injured. Right now I'm intrigued by my swollen lymph glands. I keep poking at them gently, two fingers on each side of the neck, the way I imagine a doctor might do. Earlier I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and shone a flashlight on the back of my oral cavity. Aaaahhhhghghg.

Unfortunately, a quick bit of research suggests that I may have strep throat, or some kind of bizarre ear infection. Yikes.

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6 December 2002 (Friday)

passing grip(p)e

I have an interview and two performances tomorrow, and a good deal of driving and hauling of heavy equipment to do. Currently I am running a fever, and it hurts to swallow.

Naturally, naturally.

Serves me right, anyway. I need to start sleeping in LONG underwear.

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4 December 2002 (Wednesday)

in my old age

I need to remind myself that I have great plans for myself when I grow old, which is why right now I need to exercise and take my vitamins so on. Among other things, I intend to take up the electric bass, sword-fighting and working on automobiles. I also intend to devote a great deal of time to finding the perfect buttermilk biscuit recipe and reading radical propaganda. If all goes well, my husband will be a) still alive and b) if not up for the same sort of thing, at least tolerant of his wife's sudden plunge into eccentricity.

When I hit 90 I might take up smoking, and become an atrociously bad novelist.

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light or dark granite?

Being clever and thrifty, I bought a frozen turkey at the local supermarket after Thanksgiving, at 99 cents a pound. Thaw in refrigerator, the wrapping instructed, 1-2 days. It's been two days. It hasn't thawed.

I am beginning to wonder whether I've been gypped, and whether the turkey is in fact a small boulder wrapped in plastic netting.

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2 December 2002 (Monday)

irrational? me?

I'm having one of those days where there's too much to do and I'm so stressed out thinking about it that I can't get started.

Nothing helps an overwhelming sense of guilt like procrastination.

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