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4 December 2002 (Wednesday): light or dark granite?

Being clever and thrifty, I bought a frozen turkey at the local supermarket after Thanksgiving, at 99 cents a pound. Thaw in refrigerator, the wrapping instructed, 1-2 days. It's been two days. It hasn't thawed.

I am beginning to wonder whether I've been gypped, and whether the turkey is in fact a small boulder wrapped in plastic netting.

posted by enjelani @ 01:15 PM PST

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maybe it re-freezes every night in your place? :)

posted by echeng @ 04 12 2002 03:55 PM PST


I was watching a special on movie-making once... the foley techs added the sound track for a fist fight by watching the footage and punching a slightly thawed turkey at the appropriate times. It was amusing to say the least... but it does suggest another use for the turkey - or a possible means for thawing it out :)

posted by m. mellow @ 04 12 2002 11:00 PM PST

as my grandfather told me (twice, I think he forgot he'd told me) during thanksgiving dinner as I sat next to him, "there's a glut of turkeys in the world. in some places, there are so many, they're using them as bowling balls."

so when's the last time you went bowling?

posted by dishi @ 05 12 2002 02:54 PM PST