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7 December 2002 (Saturday): passing grip(p)e, part ii

Long long ago I dreamt of being a physician, and my fascination with the human anatomy tends to resurface when I get sick, or badly injured. Right now I'm intrigued by my swollen lymph glands. I keep poking at them gently, two fingers on each side of the neck, the way I imagine a doctor might do. Earlier I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and shone a flashlight on the back of my oral cavity. Aaaahhhhghghg.

Unfortunately, a quick bit of research suggests that I may have strep throat, or some kind of bizarre ear infection. Yikes.

posted by enjelani @ 10:40 AM PST

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The best is Strep - antibiotics kill it right off and you're done with it. But you have to go get your meds before the Strep thinks about invading your kidneys...

Viral infections suck 'cause you don't know how long they're going to last ...

posted by Bill @ 07 12 2002 12:32 PM PST

yes, meds are in order. there are ugly black-gray spots on the pulpy area where my left ear canal meets my throat.


posted by enjelani @ 08 12 2002 12:52 AM PST

Hmmm - if there is dark discoloration then it could be something much more intense than Strep, which typically causes white patches on red. Some infections, like diptheria (which likes to live in your nose and throat), cause discoloration of surrounding tissue by excreting toxins that kill that tissue. The last thing you probably want is any kind of toxin localized near your ears... Get them meds soon!

(Disclaimer: I'm a total hypochondriac)

posted by Bill @ 08 12 2002 01:59 PM PST