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8 December 2002 (Sunday): passing grip(p)e, part iii

I suppose "passing" is becoming increasingly inaccurate.

Thanks to all for the concern and sympathies. (Goodness, I've never received so many get-well-soon calls.) I have survived the day intact, praise be to All-Day Strong Aleve™ and throat lozenges. I am doing absolutely nothing tomorrow, and seeing a doctor on Monday.

Um. Maybe "absolutely nothing" is inaccurate too. I will be curled up in bed watching movies, drinking herbal tea, and waiting for a post-Thanksgiving turkey to roast. Soren had the brilliant idea of watching The Shining in the middle of the day, followed by dinner, followed by Best In Show to rinse out any lingering heebie-jeebies. (I'm no good with scary movies. Hell, I had nightmares about Back To The Future, Part I.) I in turn had the brilliant idea of having Enjelani-and-Soren Thanksgiving tomorrow, since we were tragically separated for the official holiday by circumstances beyond our control. There'll even be a football game on while we make the stuffing.

posted by enjelani @ 12:42 AM PST

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Happy Thanksgiving!

just you, me, jack nicholson, and ugly grey-black spots. :)

posted by soren @ 08 12 2002 10:40 AM PST

hey, hon... i'm so sorry you're sick! i hope you didn't catch the bug from me. :( i won't call and interrupt your shining-viewing and turkey-roasting (besides which, i know how much it sucks to talk when you have a sore throat), but i really hope you get better soon. let me know if there's anything i can do... for example, i have a large movie collection you can borrow. :)x

posted by Lynn @ 08 12 2002 01:13 PM PST