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17 October 2002 (Thursday)

geek relapse (excerpts from a meme)

Ohh my. This is terribly, terribly funny. (Gracias, Seņor Uslennar.)

What about me, said Pascal. I'm only used for training. Training! What good is a language that's only used in school?

What about me, said SNOBOL. No one's even heard of me!

What about me, said C#. I look like Prince!

Bite me! said C.

LISP would have spoken, but it had caught a glimpse of itself in the pond and fell in when it tried to meet itself coming. And Java was too busy trying to clean a bag out of Babbling Creek.

Actually it was the comments from Slashdot types that really got me giggling:

Assembly stands back keeps score of how many times the rest of them hit XML. He has no preferences, just the various types of hardware that are taking bets on the outcome of the brawl.

HTML drops her hanky and flashes some ass...

I love this story....

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15 October 2002 (Tuesday)

good day, sunshine

The sun just came out. It is a bitterly cold foggy day, and I live in an apartment which, for all its charms, has no appreciable insulation. The socks and wool sweater are doing more than this brief ray of yellow light to warm me, but I'm smiling at the sun nonetheless.

God is, among other things, a bowl of hot broccoli-and-portabello-mushroom soup and a hand-tossed salad, eaten at a small black wooden table looking out on a city street, with a vase of flowers brought over by a boyfriend for no apparent reason. (Much as Soren hates the term, I keep thinking "well-trained" when he does these things. He remembers anniversaries, opens passenger-side doors, and brings flowers. He is a boy. Someone had to beat this into him, I suspect. Either that or he's an alien.)

It's amazing how much life brightens with meaning when you talk to people. I'm not exactly shy, but I am naturally antisocial, so this is a new discovery. This taxi driver used to be a radio announcer for a show he loved. This woman in need of my cardboard boxes is studying to be a drug-abuse counselor for prison inmates. This man beside me on the airplane was on a carrier off the coast of Japan when the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. This hairstylist's mother would subtly insult her whenever she lost weight, so she stayed obese for years, until she finally figured out what was going on. I've heard of people complaining about hearing someone else's life story, but to me it's enthralling. I could have been you, I always say to them silently. This could have been my story.

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14 October 2002 (Monday)

from the notepad

funny to think that all this time I was laughing
it was the saddest thing that you'd ever seen
and funny to think that all this time I was on my knees crying
it was the brightest day that I'd ever known
funny to think of all the things I could've shown

Reading blogs can lead one to believe that one knows the people writing them better than one really does. Me, I start presuming that I can write song lyrics on their behalf. Not that these are particularly good.

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