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21 March 2002 (Thursday)

drink this

Had a busy evening yesterday. After working in the lab about an hour later than I meant to, I hurried home to hang out with Liz for her birthday. Made a quick detour to the grocery store for a $10 bouquet of roses on the way over. "Since it's my birthday tomorrow, I was wondering if you could get Mom some flowers for me," she'd said over the phone on Tuesday. "I'm confused," I said. "It's your birthday." "I know," she said. "Mom's put a lot of time and effort into raising me, so I figured my birthday was a good opportunity to say thank you." Blink. I brought the roses. Mom positively glowed.

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20 March 2002 (Wednesday)

you mean, really?

Seen on various computer screens, slide projectors and whiteboards 'round these parts:

Are you ready to commit?

Perfecting your image. Please wait.

Are you sure you want to quit?

No making use of inheritance here.

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sleep is for the weak

I was up until 5 again last night. Need to stop doing that. I'm feeling the way I did all through college, when unpaid interest was constantly accumulating on my sleep debt: awake but stretched thin, as though there were something artificial about my whole conscious existence. 95% human, 5% zombie.

I didn't need to be up that late, at all, but somehow I got sucked into tidying up my financial books and finishing my tax returns. I was determined to make the numbers work on my balance sheet, and after that I amused myself trying to maximize this year's deductions. I also cleaned my room. My secretarial urges are a tad frightening at times, which is ironic given how absentminded I am and how easily I misplace stuff. But yes -- I have an uncanny amount of focus about a very few things in life, and accounting seems to be one of them. How odd.

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19 March 2002 (Tuesday)

yeeeahh i'm the tax maaaan

Lots of long compiles for work today, so I'm doing taxes for my little starving-artist business while I wait for them. Even with all my receipts in order, this is confusing stuff. Amortizing startup costs, depreciating fixed assets, blinking at the legal gobblelygook in sections 179 and 263A. Eeesh. I hope I'm doing this right.

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18 March 2002 (Monday)

through a glass, brightly

I picked up a new pair of spectacles this weekend. I haven't worn glasses outside my bedroom since, oh, tenth grade maybe? I'd forgotten how the world curves at the edges like that, the way I moved through it as though encased in a big fishbowl/hamster-ball/people-pod. It's kind of fun, really. And when I take them off it's equally fascinating: everything becomes a living, breathing impressionist painting. Downtown At Noon by Monet. Not unlike the Polaroid trick, minus the dry heaves. I do get dizzy after a while, what with my eyes trying vainly to focus on distant buildings. They lost that ability long ago.

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