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18 March 2002 (Monday): through a glass, brightly

I picked up a new pair of spectacles this weekend. I haven't worn glasses outside my bedroom since, oh, tenth grade maybe? I'd forgotten how the world curves at the edges like that, the way I moved through it as though encased in a big fishbowl/hamster-ball/people-pod. It's kind of fun, really. And when I take them off it's equally fascinating: everything becomes a living, breathing impressionist painting. Downtown At Noon by Monet. Not unlike the Polaroid trick, minus the dry heaves. I do get dizzy after a while, what with my eyes trying vainly to focus on distant buildings. They lost that ability long ago.

I'll confess right here: I got new glasses because glasses are now fashionable. There was really no other reason; I like contacts just fine. This is doubly ridiculous because I'm still fashion-clueless anyway, so there's no way for me to know how successful this one adventure in my ongoing quest for hipness has been. Soren's verdict is "You look, um, pleasantly nerdy." Hmmm. Enjelani strikes out again, perhaps.

Glasses do fit my personality well. I've always felt comfortable in the realm of classrooms and libraries, less so at pool parties and proms. But I also like the deceptiveness of this straight-laced image I seem to project. I can be shocking or hilarious just by saying what's on my mind, which is a cute trick to have in the bag from time to time. Last night I was at Gaudior's place for a dinner party, and had the whole room in stitches when I quoted from a Chris Rock routine. "Me and Pam was havin' a dick-suckin' contest, an' we thought you'd be a good judge!" Last thing anybody expected to hear from my corner of the table. Hee.

I aspire to be a foul-mouthed grandmother someday.

posted by enjelani @ 06:17 PM PST

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Just for the record, man... some guys look FINE in glasses.

*throaty growl*

posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 01:36 AM PST

Errm, I meant reading glasses mainly :)

Not those crazy j-lo/70s/retro gradient glasses that are so in right now. Not that they're bad or anything, but man... A decent looking guy with the right pair of "I look kinda studious in these don't I?" glases...


posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 01:38 AM PST