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6 August 2002 (Tuesday): imposing form on formlessness

"The trick," says Soren, "is to think of Mondays as Mondays, Tuesdays as Tuesdays, and so on. And equally important: to think of Saturdays as Saturdays."

posted by enjelani @ 12:48 PM PST

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I don't pretend to understand what Soren meant, so maybe you cloo me in (?).

My little tip-to-survive-the-work-week-and-use-s'more-hyphens is every work day of the week say, with truthfullness, intensity, and a smile (think Richard Simmons)...


On Monday mornings people either smile or want to kick the crap out of you.

posted by syndromes @ 12 08 2002 09:21 PM PST