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6 August 2002 (Tuesday): i know! i'll make a sculpture!

The burning question of the moment is: what to do with a boxful of business cards, bearing my name and the logo of a company I no longer work for?

Maybe I'll stand at my third-story window and drop them, fluttering, on bewildered passers-by below.

My houseplants are visibly startled at how often I'm around these days. More specifically, they are visibly startled at the regularity of their waterings. They hardly know what to do with themselves. One has sprouted a flower and keeps trying to kiss me as I walk by.

Someday, I imagine, I'll post something meaningful and contemplative about this whole job-switch thing, from cubiclism to following a dream, from high tax bracket to below the poverty line. I'll have paragraphs musing on how exhilarating it is to devote all my time to what I love to do; how frightening it is to have no structure in my life, except that which I impose through my own discipline; how lovely it is to spend the day outside, walking for miles in a beautiful city; how lonely this existence already seems. But for now, dear readers, I'm afraid that run-on sentence is all I can offer. It's time for bed.

posted by enjelani @ 11:55 PM PST

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It's interesting isn't it? Without the formal daily structure of an office job, you are left standing alone in a huge open space. You have lots of time to look yourself in the mirror; lots of time to stare at the clouds, or ocean, or whatever suits your fancy at the time. It's not bad once you get used to it. But, sadly, the kitchen doesn't serve chocolate mousse all night...

posted by bill @ 07 08 2002 07:08 PM PST

Give those business cards to me! i could use them as an excuse to cut things up with my swiss-army knife (laughs evilly)(muahahahahahahahaha)

posted by Liz @ 08 08 2002 10:43 AM PST

Save the business cards. If you start to go insane from all the isolation, you can use them to build a warm, protective shell around your dwindling sanity.

posted by jim @ 08 08 2002 11:54 AM PST

You could give someone you really care about a "brick o' business cards" for valentines day.

Nothing says "I love you" like business cards.

Or, along jimbo's line, you could make a tent, then fart in it, and smell it. I shit you not (how appropriate a term), I used to do that a lot (may explain some things about me). I would sit in bed with the sheets over my head having phone sex with some girl in Tucson Arizona farting all the while and inhaling.

And thus was born, "The Fart Tent".

True story. And probably completely inapproriate, but what the hell.

posted by syndromes @ 12 08 2002 09:18 PM PST