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5 August 2002 (Monday): minor discoveries


There is hope yet. My bar stool is the wrong height for this desk, which means I get a backache after hunching over my laptop for more than fifteen minutes. I can take the laptop elsewhere, of course, but then I lose the internet connection. Serendipitous, yes indeed.

City living is messing with my head. I went for a walk/run to the top of the hill behind my apartment this morning, and there is something a tad surreal about a strenuous two-mile hike that ends in a panoramic view of...buildings.

Also, incontrovertible evidence that I am actually dating my father: in the space of twenty-four hours this past weekend, both Dad and Soren said, "It's like Rushmore. Have you seen it? Oh, that's a great movie." There you go, ladies and gentlemen. Rock solid proof.

posted by enjelani @ 10:23 AM PST

Replies: 9 comments

we loves the 802.11b. yessss we loves it!

posted by echeng @ 05 08 2002 11:11 AM PST

errr... i mean, you could get a more comfortable chair. :) hunching no good! i also have some extra padded folding chairs. i can walk one over one of these days, you know. :)

posted by echeng @ 05 08 2002 11:12 AM PST

we're also both tree huggers.

now young lady, no more internet surfing for you until you've eaten your lunch!


posted by soren @ 05 08 2002 12:02 PM PST

oh no, the lack of comfortable chair and 802.11b is a *good* thing. trust me on this. :)

posted by enjelani @ 05 08 2002 12:04 PM PST

hehehe. let's see:

1) get computer that doesn't read half of your existing files

2) make home computing environment extremely uncomfortable

3) ...?

what's next? here are some suggestions:

3) routinely spill orange juice on computer

4) talk dirty to computer


posted by echeng @ 05 08 2002 01:01 PM PST

i'm getting a glass of orange juice right now... ;)

posted by enjelani @ 05 08 2002 03:16 PM PST

whoa, wait! how about you give me your TiBook and i'll give you some really slow machine that acts *as though* it had orange juice in it?

there are always alternatives to violence against TiBooks.

posted by z @ 05 08 2002 03:40 PM PST

oooo, i gotta come over and see that gr8 view of buildings!!! :)

posted by Liz @ 05 08 2002 07:19 PM PST

Oooo...when you start talking dirty to it, I want a stream of it please... :) And Rushmore is a great film.

posted by Moonpuddle @ 05 08 2002 08:07 PM PST