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8 July 2002 (Monday): sappy as all hell

I left my hematite ring at Soren's house one morning, and when I next saw him he was wearing it tied to a leather string around his neck. "You look like some fantasy-novel character," I said. "Like you're on some noble quest, and that ring holds the key to the entire mystery." "Maybe it does," he said.

Goodness, a record -3 on the Malagenya entry. I must be a worse dialogue writer than even I thought.

Mr. Uslennar's latest entry calls me his "best friend at work" and draws parallels to Red and Andy in The Shawshank Redemption. And here I thought I was just his last-ditch lunch partner for two years. Aw shucks, Lenny...t'anks.

posted by enjelani @ 03:41 PM PST

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I've had bad luck with relationship rings. I also shared a hematite ring with my girlfriend at the time... I managed to drop it one day and it shattered.

To replace it, she got me a hand-hammered silver ring with an engraving on the band.

I lost it one day at softball.

You should be thankful you have someone looking out for your ring ;)

posted by syndromes @ 08 07 2002 06:31 PM PST

Thanks, you guys. You've made me cry.

posted by Moonpuddle @ 08 07 2002 08:55 PM PST

Sorry Moonie :/

The irony for me is, oh how I adored those rings she gave me... Knowing that there was something physical that I could always look at to remind me of her when she was so far away, meant so much to me.

It was tough for me to constantly imagine us being "together" when we were so often physically apart. I think when I lost the second ring, it was just another contributing factor to my feelings of detachment from her. In hindsight, I think part of it may have been it just became normal to *NOT* have her around. So when she was (especially her last trip out), I had problems re-attaching and "flipping the switch" back to the on position. Still lots of unanswered questions... Don't know if they'll ever be fully answered though.

Sorry Enji... Didn't mean to take over the post :/

posted by syndromes @ 09 07 2002 02:08 AM PST