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26 December 2003 (Friday)

on to other procrastination techniques

This journal, as I'm probably the last to acknowledge, is dying, ladies and gentlemen. I've always been a poor correspondent, and now it's compounded by the fact that most of what goes on in my life must be kept under wraps -- both personal and professional. All that's left are abstract philosophical musings, which eventually bore me (possibly you too), and blather-nothings about my daily life that give nothing away about what I'm actually doing, which bores me even faster. There's also politics, about which I am woefully uninformed and better off reading than writing, at this point. So. My friends, you will have to connect with me some other way. Strangers, thanks for stopping by, despite the BLOWOUT SALE sign.

For those of you who would like to know: life is good. I am happy. (I've figured out by now that I have chronic episodic depression, or something like it, which means every few months or so I lie on the floor and think about ways to kill myself, but really this is exaggerating the matter and it's a head cold compared to what other people go through. In any case I don't have a head cold right now.) I have everything that I could ever want, and I'm aware of all of it the instant I wake up in the morning. I am surrounded by love. I have remarkable friends, many of whom are also impressive to boot, but this is not what makes them remarkable to me. I have a family whose gatherings always seem like Rockwell paintings. I have Soren, whom I have explained enough. And, recently, I have had time. To breathe, if nothing else. It feels good.

A long warm hug to you, yes you. Happy holidays.

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