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26 October 2002 (Saturday)


I was told today, more or less, that it's a pity I was never taught how to choose my friends.

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this one.

Under other circumstances I would shrug it off, but it so happens that it's not quite that simple. Presently I'm just wondering whether it's possible to blink angrily.

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25 October 2002 (Friday)

girl versions

What I currently cannot get out of my head: Emm Gryner covering Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Goth lyrics are deliciously melodramatic. Goth music covered by a piano siren is sublime.

when heaven has denied us its kingdom
and the saints are all drunk and howling at the moon
when the chariots of angels are colliding
oh I'll run, but I'll come running
straight to you
for I am captured

- Nick Cave, "Straight To You"

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21 October 2002 (Monday)


Nothing offsets Pasta-Roni mac 'n cheese like an organic arugula salad with vinaigrette.

I like to think that I'm maintaining a cosmic balance of some kind. Maybe my smiling at strangers cancels out the fact that I trip over dogs and small children.

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