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16 June 2003 (Monday): family vacation

Running down sand dunes several hundred feet tall; the dog shaking off sea foam, a thousand points of light jumping off the water; building pyramids and sculptures, adorning them, making them precious, worth protecting, and then frantically constructing crude walls to keep out the threatening tide; shrieking and collapsing into laughter as a surprise wave obliterates it all, and soaks us down to the underwear in the bargain; the wind drying our salty hair stiff as we cross the expressway back to the shopping mall; hydrogen peroxide on an ugly cut to the index finger, made uglier by grit and happy negligence; fried calamari and crayon on butcher paper, a loose game of Pictionary while the main course procrastinates: "particle accelerator?" "Forrest Gump?" "donkey in a bathtub?"; sleep and sore limbs and the wrong person on the bed's other half -- it's your sister, not your boyfriend, no roaming hands tonight.

We get older every year; every year nothing changes, and everything does.

posted by enjelani @ 09:07 PM PST

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it was "donkey in a sailboat" as i recall

posted by Liz @ 23 06 2003 06:27 PM PST

every year that passes, I find myself wishing we'd paused to make more memories like these :)


posted by m. mellow @ 26 06 2003 11:17 PM PST

Yeah. It's easy to forget what's important - especially in this adrenaline addicted valley. You just have to make the time, take that vacation, and get crazy in the sand (or whatever) sometimes.

Wonderful memories...

I DO remember years worth of vacations and slacking off.
I DON'T remember years worth and piles of code from various random projects...

To The Beaches!!

posted by Bill @ 27 06 2003 12:05 AM PST