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5 January 2003 (Sunday): insert non-cliched title here

Soren and I had a splendid date on New Year's Eve, which involved dinner (at one of those 50's-themed diners, where we decided that I was going to write a Celine Dion #1 hit entitled "(I) Live To Love You") and a movie (there were no more seats and we had to sit in the aisle and get kicked out about an hour in, but we got a full refund. Which means we got to see half a movie for FREE. Shyeah.) and much pointless/romantic wandering around the downtown district watching people stumble around in drunken glee, plus a return to the aforementioned 50's diner for a milkshake, and in general much laughing and grasping of arms and pointing at silly stuff. We missed the countdown, though.

Each year the family newsletter gets more embarrassingly late. We're calling it the Valentine's Newsletter this year. As usual, I'll type a few paragraphs full of cheesy G-rated wit, leave out all the melodrama no one wants to know about, and sound endlessly optimistic about the year ahead. Sometimes manners can inspire a genuine improvement in attitude.

posted by enjelani @ 07:42 PM PST

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welcome back to the blogiverse. uh, i mean blogosphere. uh.. oh, nevermind.

i was thinking about that song conversation today actually. some melodramatic love song playing in the sushi bar made me realize that you have to include a line about "holding on." like, "but i keeeeep hoooolding oooonnn..." every hit love song has that.

holding on... somehow that's the key.

i'll shut up now.

posted by soren @ 05 01 2003 11:33 PM PST

Valentine's Newsletter. Heh. That's a good one. Or you can do what my sister did for a while. At the top of her newsletter, she called it a "quarterly newsletter", but then she only wrote one or two a year. Almost nobody noticed that it didn't come four times a year. And everyone expects quarterly things to come at random times, so it didn't seem wierd if it came in March instead of December,

posted by wink @ 06 01 2003 02:10 AM PST