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18 November 2002 (Monday): l'esprit

My GOD but autumn is a gorgeous season.

That is all.

posted by enjelani @ 08:07 PM PST

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*pointed glare*

... Californian.


posted by z @ 18 11 2002 09:50 PM PST

As an unabashed native Californian, I also readily admit that I'm unused to the idea of autumn (and winter) being miserable, windy, nasty seasons marked by viciously low temperatures and lethal precipitation ;)

I like 'em the way we've got 'em. I may never be able to leave!

posted by m. mellow @ 18 11 2002 11:27 PM PST

did i say anything about CALIFORNIA autumns? did i? did i say anything about weather or scenery, for that matter?



posted by enjelani @ 19 11 2002 12:32 AM PST

I've been getting glares from those "back east" as well as we enjoy the beautiful 70 and 80 degree temperatures here in the desert. I brag a lot this time of year, but since I can only brag about the weather about 6 months of the year, I try to take full advantage. And yes, Enjelani, I agree, Autumn is gorgeous. Perhaps we love it so much because it is the season of our birth?

posted by Karin @ 19 11 2002 04:36 AM PST

weather report on NPR at 3:45am, while driving back from mt. tam this morning: sunny and warm, the next two days. :)

posted by echeng @ 19 11 2002 04:52 AM PST

oh, yes. i was marvelling at the reds and yellows down in cupertino today. we get so little COLOR during this time of year.

it was neat to see a hint of green in the stanford foothills, after just one big storm.

posted by echeng @ 19 11 2002 04:52 AM PST