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27 July 2002 (Saturday): gimme summadat nephron love babay

Ms. Technicolor thanks me from the bottom of her kidneys. It's deeper down than the heart, you see.

It's Saturday. I have errands to run and tasks to complete and people to hang out with, and it hit me just now that once I leave job #1, it's going to be Saturday all the time.

I'm not sure if this is like a) getting a lifetime supply of chocolate mousse (shheeeyeah), or b) being confined to a small room containing nothing but chocolate mousse.

Or c) getting trampled by a chocolate moose.

You'll have to excuse me, I've been like this for hours now.

posted by enjelani @ 12:31 PM PST

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only hours?

posted by eric @ 27 07 2002 03:52 PM PST


posted by enjelani @ 27 07 2002 04:17 PM PST

Since I've had the opportunity to slack for well over 15 cumulative
months since I started my actual working career... the closest mapping
I can think of is :
d) gorging yourself on all-you-can-eat chocolate mousse, but the
kitchen closes at 7pm.

posted by bill @ 27 07 2002 10:07 PM PST

... and most of your friends are diabetic so they can't help you eat very much ...

posted by bill @ 27 07 2002 10:09 PM PST

Yeah, I say it's like choice D) all of the above.

You best be cookin dinner for me at some point, though. :-)

posted by Gaudior @ 27 07 2002 11:21 PM PST

I think the trick is to develop one's own recipe for chocolate mousse. Just keep at it till you like what you've got. Then make a bunch and share it with family and friends. Trust me, I'm being very profound here, even if you can't tell. I'd explain it further, but my heat exhaustion is making me want to stop typing right now.

posted by jim @ 28 07 2002 10:00 PM PST

wow, you know, i was tremendously amused by the original post here, but at the time i didn't see the potential profundities in the topic of chocolate mousse. this appears to be a previously-untapped reservoir of metaphorical possibilities... ooh...

having pondered the issue, i think that chocolate mousse, like any good thing, is definitely best in moderation. however, it could be worse. it could be smoked moosemeat.

posted by Lynn @ 29 07 2002 03:29 PM PST