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26 July 2002 (Friday): lemurs are the best you can do?

I have nothing against boring people, really I don't. It's just that I have no interest in associating with them.

I am so glad to be leaving job #1. Yesterday one of the bosses threw an impromptu "happy hour," bringing in two brown bags of vegetable samosas and a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We proceeded to stand around the table munching in awkward silence for fifty minutes, punctuated by the occasional feeble joke. Lenny and I (and a handful of others, admittedly) did our best to get a conversation rolling, but the only thread that survived was one about the most disgusting food we'd ever eaten, and I think that alienated about half the group or so. "There's this coffee where they feed the beans to lemurs, then they harvest the lemurs' droppings and make coffee out of that. It's supposed to be a fermenting process or something. Isn't that weird?"

This marks the second mention of lemurs in this week's posts. How odd.

posted by enjelani @ 05:53 PM PST

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I agree, both about not associating with boring people, and with coffee harvested from shit being weird. I feel more strongly about the first.

P.S. Thanks for the update.

posted by uslennar @ 26 07 2002 10:11 PM PST

yup. elitist, but true. a friend of mine once said that the worst thing she can say to someone is to call him "boring." and engineers, sad to say, are rife with that trait.

posted by dardi! @ 29 07 2002 10:59 PM PST