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17 July 2002 (Wednesday): blather

I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of something deep to post. Nada. My mind is only on my struggling herb seedlings and my lack of a gym routine and the fact that my bathroom is in serious need of dusting. Someone tell me how a bathroom comes to need dusting. It's a humid room. I don't beat my rugs in there (not that I have rugs). And the dust is blue. Maybe little azure-colored aliens have been shedding their winter coats there without my permission.

Ms. Technicolor will be posting like mad for the Blogathon on the 27th -- at least twice hourly for 24 hours. This concept strikes me as both brilliant and hilarious. You know a fad has fully arrived when people can fundraise for charity with it.

I wonder why I insist on referring to fellow bloggers as though I were writing for the New York Times.

And now, something must be done about these fingernails. Clickety-clackety click. All you Real Ladies out there, I don't know how you do it.

posted by enjelani @ 10:27 AM PST