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14 June 2002 (Friday): priorities

at this particular juncture (in order of increasing importance, more or less):

  1. eating my vegetables (this is difficult, dammit);
  2. running and jumping and climbing and generally getting out of breath on a regular basis;
  3. drafting the game plan for job #3;
  4. drinking more water;
  5. becoming a less horrendous driver;
  6. being a good friend to those I love;
  7. kicking the drug habit (NO WEBSURFING FOR YOU TODAY, YOUNG LADY);
  8. quitting job #1;
  9. having fun with job #2 despite my nascent reliance on it to pay the bills;
  10. loving Soren; and
  11. figuring out how to live each day truly -- as though it were the greatest gift ever given me.

posted by enjelani @ 03:16 PM PST

Replies: 10 comments

well, at least I made the Top 10.

wait... "in order of increasing importance..." I'm so confused. :)

posted by soren @ 14 06 2002 03:57 PM PST

oh, my darling, did you really think a hearty serving of broccoli could ever upstage you? :p

posted by enjelani @ 14 06 2002 04:04 PM PST

A Japanese eggplant, perhaps?
Oh, my goodness! I just channeled Mr. Syndromes! So sorry! :)

posted by Moonpuddle @ 14 06 2002 04:49 PM PST

I may have known your list before you knew your list (although my list is quite similar, except for all the icky boy stuff).

posted by uslennar @ 14 06 2002 05:06 PM PST

nah, i just kept it secret for a long time. :)

or were you referring to something other than #8?

posted by enjelani @ 14 06 2002 05:19 PM PST

Who said japanese eggplant?? I didn't plant my egg in any japanese!


Some of your bullets on the todo list are definately on mine too ;) It would be kickass to live life with verve and see things with awe and wonder. It's fun to be a WIP, as you can always change shit that isn't working ;) Who wants to be "finished" ??

posted by syndromes @ 14 06 2002 05:56 PM PST

god knows, not me. :) i'd like always to be walking into the unknown.

hey, take care of that schwantz of yours, Mr. S. you're gonna need that for a long while to come. ;)

posted by enjelani @ 14 06 2002 06:02 PM PST

I'm tempted to post some warning about placing the words "long," "schwantz" and "come" in the same sentence. But I'd never stoop so low. :)

posted by soren @ 14 06 2002 06:18 PM PST

*blink* *blink* o.O

posted by syndromes @ 14 06 2002 09:15 PM PST

You see, it's easier to eat your vegetables if you have someone who has no job cooking spectacularly for you. This is why I miss being unemployed, a lot. I liked being the person with time to cook dinner regularly.

I need to learn how to leave work at 5, come home, and cook dinner.

Unfortunately, this requires getting into work at 8, which requires waking up at 7, which requires getting to sleep by at the latest 1 AM, and that's hard.


posted by Gaudior @ 15 06 2002 01:09 PM PST