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29 May 2002 (Wednesday): some assembly required

All is chaos and candlelight tonight.

You know what it is? Those of us who have it all sometimes wonder whether we deserve it. It's not that we're spoiled brats who don't realize what we've got; we're not ungrateful, just a little guilty.

posted by enjelani @ 12:54 AM PST

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THAT is what I was trying to describe to my friend, only I have trouble with the concept of concise eloquence.

Of the people who've "got it together":
- some people are obnoxious and snobby about it
- others exude an air of confidence, they're just cool like that, and it's not in-your-face, it's just them.
- and then there are those who realize it, aren't ungreatful, but are just a little guilty about it.

posted by dishi @ 30 05 2002 03:35 PM PST

when directions don't work (a.k.a. I need to upgrade my browser someday):
"click back on your browser to edit your comments"
hey lookie, there's a blank form!

posted by dishi @ 30 05 2002 03:37 PM PST

that there seemed pretty concisely eloquent to me. :)

posted by enjelani @ 30 05 2002 04:26 PM PST