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3 May 2002 (Friday): homebody

Slept in the new apartment for the first time last night. I've never lived in a place overlooking a busy street before. The whish of cars and the boomzooming of buses were my lullaby.

Soren showed up around 9:30 with a bouquet of yellow daisies and a pint of Häagen-Dazs -- Belgian chocolate. I grinned and threw my arms around him and then we hunted for something with which to consume the Häagen-Dazs, only to find that I have no silverware, just an unopened 3-pack of spatulas. So we lit my new candles and sat my new bed and ate ice cream with a rubber scraper, amidst a still-life cacophony of boxes and brown shopping bags.

Tomorrow I'll be making a tour of garage sales. I am determined to buy the remainder of my necessities used: plates and bowls, appliances, lamps, tables. Reduce and reuse before recycling, as they say.

There's a black cat that haunts the premises. Last weekend I left the van's side door open between trips, and when I returned there was frantic rustling between my pile of laundry and my boxes of CDs. Letting a paranoid cat out of one's vehicle is more work than releasing a trapped fly, let me tell you. At any rate, she's taken to greeting me on the steps down to the garden every night when I come home, staring at me intently before fading seamlessly back into the shadows. I've decided to call her Séverine.

posted by enjelani @ 12:18 PM PST

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enjelani - welcome to the neighborhood!

posted by azudemai @ 03 05 2002 12:38 PM PST

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