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29 April 2002 (Monday): notes to self

Open up. Let the weather in: the deep gray rainstorms, the bluegoldwhite of sun and cloud, the winds that scatter, the hot restless high noon. That which is safe and sterile never grows.

Circling is the only way we ever get anywhere. Arc out, arc back, all the time spiraling upward. Remember that other dimension; every time you return to where you began, it's not quite the same place.

Love is an art -- a skill, a craft. Where conversation is effortless and interests similar and attraction undeniable, that's the simplest of projects. But can you love where there are years of bitterness? Conversations that hover awkwardly, with little common ground? Can you learn to love when it doesn't come easy?

posted by enjelani @ 09:03 AM PST

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Anything can be learned. Anything can be done. The real question here would be, "Is it healthy for me to do, should I bother to learn it?" There are people who trepan themselves.... Also, unfortunately, loving is a habit once learned, and is hard to break no matter how unhealthy.


posted by Moonpuddle @ 30 04 2002 12:09 PM PST