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26 March 2002 (Tuesday): zoom zoom zoom

I am back and have plunged straightaway back into the heat of things. Whooeee. The world does not stand still for vacationers, no sir. Perhaps more later, but for now, a few single-serving updates:

  1. A breakfast of catfish-'n-eggs in which the catfish is not quite fresh, combined with being woefully out of shape, combined with a bout of altitude sickness, do not a pleasant uphill bike-ride make.
  2. A newly discovered talent of mine: puking whilst pedaling.
  3. Pain and illness are, without a doubt, blessings in disguise. When they come in full force and then finally recede, everything ordinary becomes a miracle. "At this particular moment, I DON'T FEEL SICK! Glory Hallelujah!"
  4. Southern Utah consists largely of two colors: brilliant orange and brilliant blue. I am utterly in love with them.
  5. Emmett kept my crawling bicycle pace without complaint, coaxed me into jumping across a crevasse to a stunning overlook of the valley, and let me sleep on his shoulder on the plane. He is a man of great patience and kindness, and I'd trust him with my life.
  6. Emmett also eats like a hog and farts like a cow. (After figuring out the latter, I claimed the motel bed closest to the window.)
  7. Emmett can't sing, knows it, does anyway, and I love him for it.
  8. I don't understand how we can be best friends after so much time apart. I do know that I'm very, very grateful.
  9. There was a black Muslim bakery at the airport terminal. Uncultured bumpkin that I am, I'm not entirely sure why a black Muslim bakery would specialize in tofu burgers and vegan carrot cake, but damn, those were tasty.
  10. You know you've been found by the spam harpies when you've got six offline IM messages upon your return, all trumpeting the latest breakthroughs in penis enlargement.

posted by enjelani @ 04:50 PM PST

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#6 reminds me of Moonie's "D" ;) That kid will rip through a huge meal at Souplantation and excrete his patented "essence of love" out his arse 5 (and 15, 30, 45... ad infinitum) minutes later.

If we could manufacture him in quantity and strap him on the roof of our cars, we could run them on methane for the life of the car. No more gas stations, just fast food stops everywhere.

I love him :)

posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 01:56 AM PST