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14 March 2002 (Thursday): payday

Another chunk of change got direct-deposited into my checking account today. Even now, almost two years into my time as a working professional, this amazes me. I do what I do, and then periodically this money magically appears in the bank. And I get to spend it. Man. How cool is that?

Although I suppose the converse also amazes me: every month several hundred gets taken out of the same bank account, just to ensure I have a place to sleep every night, a bit of space to park my belongings. A good portion of what my company pays me doesn't go to me at all, but rather to my government; I'm paying just to be here in this corner of the world, to walk these streets and breathe this air. How weird is that?

I know none of this should be mind-blowing. Money is money. Currency is a good word for it -- it flows, in and out and around again, endlessly cycling. It's a form of energy; I use it to maintain my existence, and to construct new pieces of my life. Pretty straightforward concepts, really. I sit gawking at my online bank statement anyway.

Maybe God is money.

Haha! Now there's an idea. It certainly inspires its share of fanatics...

posted by enjelani @ 02:24 PM PST