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11 February 2002 (Monday): quandary

I haven't been neglecting the last embassy. I've been writing entries and not posting them. This last one may go up shortly. But I have to think about it a little longer.

Slithy Tove recently featured an entry on responsibility, with regard to online journals. The author had realized that, far from being a cyberspatial confession booth where she could say anything she wanted, it was more akin to walking into a room full of friends and acquaintances and shouting her opinions, without any thought given to who might hear them and be affected by them. Dardy's visited that subject often, too, being as startlingly frank as he can be sometimes. Journals are, by definition, revelatory; but when they're public, do they need to be selectively so? And if so, what's lost and gained in that, in holding one's tongue on certain subjects?

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