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16 October 2003 (Thursday)

reading list

The trend of Posts Without Real Content continues. Here are the books I'm working through these days:

Charles Wheelan, Naked Economics. An excellent introduction to the dismal science to a layperson like me. Think Econ 101 as taught by one of those passionate, entertaining young professors, clearly biased but also clearly up on his research. Don't agree with everything in here, but that's the idea of an introduction, I guess -- to point the way to further inquiry. Probably will go back and read it a second time, with a pencil. I figured I should get through this before I launched into the others.

Jane Jacobs, The Nature of Economies. I'm a sucker for nonfiction presented as dialogue. This is to economics what Janine Benyus's Biomimicry is to engineering: why not mimic a system that's nearly perfected the art of complexity? Haven't gotten far in this one yet, but it's holding the attention span. I should get Jacobs's Death and Life of Great American Cities too.

William Greider, The Soul of Capitalism. Haven't cracked this one open yet, because I just heard Greider interviewed on NPR this morning. Funny how blips show up on the radar right as you start looking for them...

Also, Good Poems, ed. Garrison Keillor. I guess it's akin to buying a Mozart For Romantics compilation, or worse yet, an issue of Reader's Digest. But I opened to random pages in the bookstore and loved three out of three, dammit, and the success ratio hasn't fallen much since then either. Truth in advertising.

This was supposed to be a post about my thoughts on the first book, and it was supposed to have a big "more" section and spawn an even bigger set of comments. But an early Friday morning is in the cards, and I would rather sleep.

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