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9 October 2002 (Wednesday)


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7 October 2002 (Monday)


Medications with side effects suck.

I'm a pansy when it comes to being sick. I can be brave and cheerful when I have to, but I live in a warm, supportive world of people who actually sympathize when I gripe. In a way, I'd rather I were forced to get over myself already.

My parents, for all their wonderful-ness, do have one strange social behavior: serious reluctance to meet the person I'm dating. They'll urge me to invite friends over, ask how Lynn or Gaudior is doing, remember their careers and hobbies -- but never do they inquire after my boyfriend, or extend an invitation for him to come over. ("Never" isn't quite accurate. Zach started getting invited to occasional things about two years in.) I've decided that it must be a cultural mismatch; casual dating was frowned upon in their courtship days, and once you acknowledged that you were seeing someone, it was tantamount to getting engaged. Certainly your parents didn't get to know your beau until you brought him home one day and said, "he's the one." I suppose I should be grateful that they don't pry, but it's still weird. Soren's cool, dammit!

Oh, and thanks to M. Mellow for lending (giving?) me his GMAT test prep books. Is it perverse to admit that they're pleasure reading? I like quizzes with interesting problems. It's also nice to see that the exam seems to test the right things -- being able to discern exactly what a piece of evidence does and does not imply, for example, and knowing how to phrase statements succinctly and accurately. I'm getting more of 'em wrong than I should be, though, so I've got some work to do.

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