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4 October 2002 (Friday)

i saw elvis making crop circles

My donation patterns seem to have landed me on the mailing list of the Northern Sun Catalog, which sells, among other things, those "Nuke A Godless Communist Gay Baby Seal For Christ" T-shirts.

Ya give a little cash to NPR and environmental groups, and suddenly the junkmailers assume you're a lesbian Wiccan anarchist.

I do rather like this one.

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2 October 2002 (Wednesday)

who called?

I'm back from vacation. As are my demons, apparently.

Upon trudging up the stairs to the apartment I immediately started sulking about the fact that tomorrow is my birthday. I don't like my birthday. It brings out unattractive things in me. I forget other people's birthdays all the time, which is bad enough, but to then sulk about other people forgetting your birthday -- or rather, the mere possibility of it, seeing as no one's had a chance to prove that they remember it yet -- is, well, amusing at best. My mother, having justifiably thought that I'd have other plans (I usually do, these days, when she invites me home for something), will be tied up all night helping with Liz's dance rehearsals. Emmett is in school. My father is in San Diego.

I had a miserable twenty-second birthday. When I turned twenty-three, I used the occasion to deeply hurt somebody that I loved. So, the track record of late ain't been so good.

Soren wrapped his arms around me when I started moping; I shrugged him off. He asked me what was wrong. I said I was just grumpy. Ah, he said, kissed me on the forehead, and got up to go to the bathroom. I curled up on the bed, still sulking.

The phone rang. I fumbled with the receiver, looking for the Talk button.

"Hey E, it's Soren."
Um. "Oh hey, how's it going?"
"Going all right. Just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday...I know it's not 'til tomorrow, but I thought I'd call."
"Oh. Wow, thanks."
"So what've you been up to? I heard you took a trip or something?"
" boyfriend and I went up into the mountains, to get some alpine hiking in. We just got back."
"Oh that's awesome! Wasn't it cold though?"
"Well yeah, it was a little chilly. But it was the coolest thing -- we were hiking late afternoon yesterday, and it starts snowing. Big fat flakes just coming down in sheets onto the trail. It was so pretty."
"Ooh. I bet."
"So yeah, we had a great time."
"Glad to hear it. Hey listen, you want to hang out tomorrow?"
"Uh, sure. I'm free all day."
"Cool! I've got something in the evening, but maybe we could do something afterwards, or during the day?"
"During the day's good."
"Okay. We'll meet up and figure something out."
"Sounds great."
"All right, see you tomorrow. Happy birthday again."

Oh, sure, it's cheesy as all hell, but I was grinning when I hung up the phone. I don't deserve this boy.

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