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28 April 2003 (Monday)

nothing profound today...

Dammit. It was nice and sunny this morning, so I thought oh good, I'll just hop on the internet and catch up on a few things and then I'll go out and enjoy a little vitamin D, maybe a long walk to somewhere with trees and grass or something.

It's now 3 in the afternoon, I'm still on the computer, and it's gotten cold and cloudy.


Last night I did a rare thing: TV channel-surfing. After blinking incredulously at some VH1-type program (wherein Britney Spears' latest hair-dye color was being analyzed by other young nubile blondes, with lots of flashy editing), I ended up on a documentary about methamphetamine addicts. Apparently there's a 6% real recovery rate for crank, the lowest of any recreational substance. "It's the devil's drug," one girl said tearfully. "You want so much to stop. Your whole being cries out for it, every fiber of your body. But you can't stop."

Reason #2563 why I am crazy about a certain fellow in my life: I come out of the bathroom one morning to find Soren by the bed, holding aloft two plates of freshly made pancakes, frowning petulantly. "You're supposed to be in bed!" he shouts.

I recently bought a handful of Clinique skin-care products, just to see if they do the job any better than drugstore soap and lotion. Women who sell beauty products scare me. I was given a pamphlet with detailed handwritten instructions on how to use these little bottles based on my unique skin type, with key phrases emphasized: sweep, not scrub! Moisturize where needed! As she happily rung me up and tucked my purchases in one of those obnoxious green-and-orange plastic totes, she chirped, "Welcome to the Clinique sorority!" I stammered a reply, grabbed my receipt and fled.

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