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29 May 2003 (Thursday): late-nite

Down the hall from me, two lovers are engaged in a lively discussion about something I can't quite hear. It makes me happy, hearing just the rhythm of their voices, the effortless give-and-take born of familiarity and mutual respect.

I swear I haven't become an eavesdropper.

I found my little demon's identity papers a few nights ago. The DMV photos are hilarious; the passport stamps, fascinating.

posted by enjelani @ 09:56 PM PST

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that non-eavesdropping-overhearing is the nature of apartment life, and a big reason why we dont live that life anymore. the missus is really into having her psychic space to herself when she wants it. and where theres sound leaking into an apartment, theres other peoples lives and energy leaking in. sometimes its ok, but rarely do you have the option to turn it off when it isnt.

our house is a good 100 feet from the street and about that from any neighbors. we have a fence. its a good thing :)

posted by mark s @ 29 05 2003 11:04 PM PST

I for one *miss* some of the more colorful noises coming from my old apartment complex.

When I lived up in Flagstaff, one afternoon our neighbor was singing along (quite nicely I might add) to Jann Arden's "Insensitive". It made me smile :)

And of course, there are the humpidy hump noises that generally come through the walls and out the windows in an active apartment complex. I miss those equally, especially if a girl is a moaner ;)

But I like both visual and auditory voyeurism. When I was in the dorms in flag, I also whipped out the binocs often to look across the way to the girls dorms.

I guess it's the same reason I watch "reality" tv incessantly :)

posted by syndromes @ 30 05 2003 11:33 AM PST

A novelist would have us believe that he invents his characters first, and then listens in on their conversation. But I think he always eavesdrops on his characters first, and then invents them. Voyeurism is eavesdropping without invention.

posted by beefeater @ 31 05 2003 04:10 PM PST