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21 April 2003 (Monday): an echeng moment

The morons at Fleet Credit Card Services have seen fit to slap me with a late fee and a finance charge, on an account that they closed for no apparent reason about six weeks ago (suspected identity theft, they claimed), and to which they denied me all access until quite recently -- specifically, until the due date for the March statement had already passed, and then with a new account number to boot. I was sweetly informed, repeatedly, that I should have paid the balance on time. Using silicon-compatible ESP and an uncanny memory for sixteen-digit numbers, no doubt.

I am resolved not to lose any lifespan due to hypertension over this sort of thing. It was actually quite fun composing an icily detailed letter of complaint. Not often that I get to be icy.

posted by enjelani @ 01:20 PM PST

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identity theft sucks ass.

being a traveling sort, you should seriously check out statusfactory(.com). They make life very easy for people who are gone a lot. :)

posted by echeng @ 21 04 2003 01:54 PM PST