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31 July 2002 (Wednesday): liz has a livejournal!

Well will you lookit that.

She's even using my pseudonyms 'n everything.

Hi, Liz.

posted by enjelani @ 06:21 PM PST

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Now i've hit on BOTH of the enjelani sisters! ROCK!!

Oh, and Soren, disregard that. I didn't really hit on Enji... just kinda stared at her for awhile. (was my mouth open??)

*crawls back into his cave*

posted by syndromes @ 31 07 2002 10:56 PM PST

how odd. and confusing.

posted by Liz @ 31 07 2002 11:12 PM PST

Hmm... You two aren't sisters?

(From mathematics according to males, there's an implicit negative to-hit-bonus with sisters. However if you *do* manage to hit it with both of them, your social-stature goes up 10-fold. And if it's both at the *same* time, well, that's pretty much a thing of legend and the halls of Valhalla will be echoing your name for eternity)

Still confused?

posted by syndromes @ 31 07 2002 11:48 PM PST

heh... syndromes, i'm not sure if you're aware that liz is enj's much *younger* sister... ;-) she's mature for her age, and extremely cool, but she may need a few years to fully appreciate your hitting on her...

posted by Lynn @ 01 08 2002 12:36 AM PST


Haha, well, that pretty much sums up my social ineptitude right there ;)

*runs back flailing his arms in the air like a monkey to the cave*

posted by syndromes @ 01 08 2002 12:37 AM PST

i'm still confused. your explaination didnt exactly help, but Lynn's comment was rather good. thanx for the complements! :)

posted by Liz @ 01 08 2002 10:45 AM PST