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23 July 2002 (Tuesday): hypochondria my foot

I'm genuinely sick. Actually: I'm fine until I eat something. Then I'm miserable.

This is a problem, somewhat.

posted by enjelani @ 02:10 PM PST

Replies: 6 comments

hope you feel better. drink lots of water. you can try jamba juice smoothies, but i have to warn you that it's kind of unnerving (and neat) to puke up something cold.

posted by dardi! @ 23 07 2002 02:18 PM PST

eesh... not good. :(

sounds like maybe you should go home, drink lots of water and weak tea, and read a book or something...

posted by soren @ 23 07 2002 03:12 PM PST

Though, of all people, dardy would know.

lots of water
lots of tea
lots of liquid
you go pee

posted by dishi @ 23 07 2002 04:59 PM PST

Or, as my vocal coach in college used to say, "Drink until you pee clear." Hope you feel better.

posted by Moonpuddle @ 23 07 2002 08:58 PM PST

Eat yogurt. Each charcoal tablets.
Tea, water, and weak lemon in water are good. Get sleep.
Don't eat sugary stuff.

There you have it,...
"The hypochondriacs guide
to stomach ailments."

posted by bill @ 23 07 2002 10:53 PM PST

don't eat sugary stuff?

there's something just... WRONG in any cure that forbids sugary stuff. What could be more depressing to a sick person than no sugar? Grape Dimetapp, that's the silver lining in getting sick!

posted by dishi @ 24 07 2002 10:22 AM PST