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19 July 2002 (Friday): mr. syndromes rocks my world

I just discovered all the comments he left in my geocities-era archives. It's like an endless wooden chest of letters from a pen pal I didn't even know I had.

Hugs and hugs, Mr. S. This makes my day like ya wouldn't believe.

posted by enjelani @ 11:19 AM PST

Replies: 5 comments

now now, e... no need to encourage the boy. ;)

posted by soren @ 19 07 2002 12:38 PM PST

Glad ya liked them! It took me a few hours (i'm a tinge on the slow side), but I learnt a lawt boutchoo :)

You can ignore all the entries that reference me typing one-handed while naked. On second thought, I guess that excludes them all.

Ahh well sheeeit.

Anyway, Soren's probably right... I post nonsensical things enough as it is without being encouraged ;)

*hugs Soren and cops a feel of his left buttock*

posted by syndromes @ 19 07 2002 01:57 PM PST

do invite me when the feel-copping starts. now *this* i have to see. ;)

posted by enjelani @ 19 07 2002 02:39 PM PST

be gentle, I'm sensitive. *giggle*

posted by soren @ 19 07 2002 02:44 PM PST

You should see him groping D! I could make a mint if they'd let me sell tickets. :)

posted by Moonpuddle @ 21 07 2002 10:15 AM PST