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4 July 2002 (Thursday): okay, so i'm dumb

This is the last time I move my mp3 collection from one computer to another via FTP.

posted by enjelani @ 03:31 PM PST

Replies: 3 comments

Weird... July 4th must be mp3 day. I just got done removing all the id3 tags from a couple thousand mp3s.

Odd ;)

posted by syndromes @ 04 07 2002 05:20 PM PST

Why would you remove id3 tags from mp3's? And why wouldn't you transfer them via FTP? You'd rather use NFS?

posted by Gaudior @ 04 07 2002 05:30 PM PST

id3 = annoyance when coupled with ices/lame encoding which barfs on certain id3v2 tags. Not good when broadcasting (supposedly 24x7) :)

I don't use them for anything anyway, probably because i'm so anal about naming and organizational conventions. *shrug*

posted by syndromes @ 06 07 2002 01:39 AM PST