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26 June 2002 (Wednesday): mmm, domesticity

In accordance to the new program, I cooked dinner for the first time in the apartment tonight. Vegetable and wild rice pilaf with grilled lemon-garlic chicken. Almost tasty. I am not so handy with the mini-grill, just yet -- the results tonight were more like latex than poultry.

Now I'm sitting in my kitchen listening to Mozart quintets and eating peach ice cream made by the neighborhood shop on the corner, which happens to've been voted best ice cream parlor in the city several years running. I love my new home.

Thanks to Soren I have seen two -- count 'em! -- movies in the past three days, both of which star Tom Cruise, and both of which are quite good. Soren and I poked holes in Minority Report's plot all the way back home, but it's definitely worth seeing (if nothing else, for those autopilot cars that go up the sides of skyscrapers!). Vanilla Sky is still haunting me a whole 24 hours afterward, something that's only happened with a rare handful of films. And I think I've got a crush on Penelope Cruz.

Something less mundane next post, I promise.

posted by enjelani @ 10:35 PM PST

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nothing wrong with mundanity.

posted by dardi! @ 26 06 2002 11:36 PM PST

cameron diaz was scary in vanilla sky! *shudder* i saw minority report last night, and enjoyed it... but i think the hype made me enjoy it less than i would have otherwise.

blockbuster movies are fun. :)

posted by echeng @ 26 06 2002 11:50 PM PST