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20 June 2002 (Thursday): cosmology

This is an excellent website, even if it makes my brain hurt. My father was a physics major, and it pains him that I don't share his passion for it, I think. I imagine I could be passionate about it if I could do the math, but given my limited intelligence in that regard, I am better off debugging software.

Project: construct a three-dimensional model of my day-to-day life in the form of a solar system. Job #2 is a large planet with several moons: Call So-And-So, Submit Application To X, Research Y, Follow-Up On Z. Job #1 is similar, consisting mostly of vapor though, and with duller colors. There is Exercise, way out in the periphery along with Nutrition and Hydration, constantly threatening to break free of my gravity's tentative grip. The bills are tiny, atmosphereless planets with thirty-day orbits. And the asteroid fields: repair zipper on coat. Fix printer. Cancel subscription. Back up computer files. Invite Robert and wife to dinner. Buy soy sauce and mustard. These comprise the tangible reality of my life, but it's their movement through space and time, and the light that reflects off them, that make up my reason for living.

I described all this to Soren, who said "Then let me be the aether. The cosmological constant, the mystery Einstein never solved." And I melted, because I'm a sucker that way. We are such nerds.

Also: o, ye invisible gods of weblog karma allocation, how you mystify me.

posted by enjelani @ 12:46 PM PST

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but you are loving nerds.

soren is buff.

posted by dardi! @ 21 06 2002 12:21 AM PST

i guess that would make me dark matter: properties widely speculated and generally agreed upon (to the best of common knowledge), but in actuality locked up so deeply inside that it manages to confuse even itself.

posted by azudemai @ 24 06 2002 09:47 AM PST

A comet. Not a regular feature in the system but predictable in its appearance, passing by in an elliptical orbit.

Small, quiet, and invisible when distant; when its eccentric orbit brings it near the center's stellar display, its forlorn ice and unremarkable dirt warm and melt, producing a bright aura that might astonish those who are already familiar with the little snowball.

It leaves sooner than it might like, but it will undoubtedly return, lured by Gravity.

posted by m. mellow @ 24 06 2002 11:24 PM PST

okay, y'all are just too cool. :)

posted by enjelani @ 25 06 2002 05:46 PM PST