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17 June 2002 (Monday): perched on the well's edge

I am in a delicate state just now. Life has been insanely good to me of late, and in return I mostly fuck things up.

The solution is to drink water, eat well and stick to a rigorous schedule as much as possible today. Humility, but not guilt. The humble know how to laugh at themselves. Just put one foot in front of the other and relax.

My landlord continues to rock my world. When I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday he drove twenty minutes up to the city to let me in, never mind that it was Father's Day and he had a dinner party in his honor to attend. I have no idea how to thank him. Maybe I'll bring in a batch of homebaked oatmeal cookies when I go to pay next month's rent.

posted by enjelani @ 10:22 AM PST

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Well, i'm not humble, but I continuously find reasons to laugh at myself :) I often put one foot after another up my butt.. Not sure if that counts as relaxing or not.

Life has an interesting way of making me laugh one minute and cry the next. Mania is a wonderful thang ;)

You could always thank your landlord (and us, your humble and frequent blog posters/readers) by allowing him to hookup cams in all rooms of your abode and giving us free accounts to and share lots of "members only" movies staring yourself and Soren and farm animals and... well, yah... I spoze homebaked oatmeal cookies would work too ;)

posted by syndromes @ 17 06 2002 11:10 PM PST

[contorts in rather compromising positions, trying to put both feet up her butt] did you do that?

posted by enjelani @ 18 06 2002 11:36 AM PST

Now *that's* web-cam material, right there...

posted by soren @ 18 06 2002 11:56 AM PST


posted by m. mellow @ 19 06 2002 12:48 AM PST