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4 June 2002 (Tuesday): caterina gets married!

I don't know why this makes me so happy. I don't even know the woman, really. But oh, happy sigh.

Speaking of which (well, sort of): there needs to be some item of jewelry to indicate that one is utterly smitten with someone, and that this someone is in a state of mutual utter smitten-ness, and that it would result in great awkwardness for a third party to presume otherwise. There is the engagement ring and the wedding band, of course, but we need something a level down from that. A going-steady trinket. I was asked out to coffee the other day by a very nice man, with whom I'd just had a long lovely conversation, and the poor fellow became rather flustered when I explained that I was very much taken by someone else. It would've been nice if he could have glanced at my hands and put his nervous wondering to rest.

Or maybe I just need to stop being so friendly to strangers that it gets mistaken for flirtation. The thought of cultivating a colder, more withdrawn demeanor just to ward off the coffee?-men doesn't seem right, though...I like having conversations that go beneath the surface with people I've just met, and I've had several with women that didn't end in doomed romantic overtures. I just wish I didn't have to watch a guy work up the courage to ask, which I know to be damned difficult, only for me to smile apologetically and say no.

"Look at it this way," said Soren. "It was good practice for him."
"Ah! So I was actually helping him find his future wife?"
"I like that idea," I said.

posted by enjelani @ 03:04 PM PST

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Who would I be kidding? They're all taken already. Every last one of them. So I talk just to talk :)

posted by m. mellow @ 04 06 2002 10:45 PM PST

Oh, goodness. I just posted the most bitter bit of blogging about engagement rings and wedding bands. I am not neccessarily against wearable symbols, but...
On the other hand, not having to explain that one's friendliness is in no way motivated by lust (and I use the term in the nicest of ways) would be a big boon. A tatoo, perhaps? Maybe we need to revert to the Hawaiian flower-over-this-ear-means-single thing.

posted by Moonpuddle @ 05 06 2002 03:12 PM PST