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23 April 2002 (Tuesday): stack and heap

My little brother is currently slogging bravely through one of the more challenging introductory programming courses. Ain't getting much sleep, it looks like. Hey, I remember that!

From: Enjelani
To: Emmett
Subject: digital camera

helloo Mr. CS107 -

i'm going to try and sell some things when i move to my new apartment, and
i was wondering if i could borrow your camera so i can take pictures of
the items when i post the ads on the internet. if so, let me know when's
a good time for you and i'll come by to pick it up. thanks!

The Former Ms. CS107

From: Emmett
To: Enjelani
Subject: RE: digital camera

Hello, booger.

Whew. For a moment there when you said you were going to sell some thing, I thought you were going to try to sell my digital camera.

In any case, you can stop by anytime to pick up the camera. Just give a call beforehand to make sure either my roommate or I am in the room. Even if we're not, I can teach you this neat little trick with a clotheshanger that will enable you to get the camera anyway . . . but when I'm teaching you, I might as well give you the camera right then and there.

Mr. CS107

P.S. When I woke up to my alarm today, I was worried because apparently I had forgotten to free the alarm. But then that was okay, because I never allocated myself in the first place. Then again, until I allocated myself, I couldn't get out of bed.

My drowsy brain does weird things.

posted by enjelani @ 09:11 AM PST

Replies: 3 comments


posted by eric @ 23 04 2002 10:46 AM PST

ah... now there's a meaty class...


posted by Steven @ 23 04 2002 01:12 PM PST

they still teach memory allocation in school? i would expect that classes these days would just say, "... and then you pray that garbage collection kicks in ..." ;)

posted by azudemai @ 23 04 2002 02:43 PM PST