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20 April 2002 (Saturday): oh, to be young and female

Too little sleep, a hectic day at job #1 and a long night at job #2. To-do list is about a page long, and that's not including the things I keep forgetting to jot down. Legs are terribly sore from the workouts this week. I am thoroughly content with this state of affairs. Life is as it should be.

I've acquired some potential stalker types at job #2 recently. One has written a song about me and sent me the mp3; the other gave me a red rose and a bar of fine chocolate tonight, and said "that felt good" when I gave him my usual friendly good-night hug. I think I should stop the friendly good-night hugs with this particular individual.

Oh, and I was the object of an impressively obvious pick-up attempt at a taqueria tonight. The man moseyed up next to me and asked if that was my car with the keyboard in it; yes, I said. He took piano lessons once, I was informed. For about a year. But that was a long time ago. Fascinating. Did I like water sports? Hadn't tried very many, I said. I then learned he was an avid water skier. Went just about every weekend. By the way, was I single? No, I said, flashing my best but-good-luck-elsewhere smile. He took it well, and moseyed away a few polite sentences later.

God damn but I'm glad I'm not a straight guy. Chasing women must be a miserable enterprise.

posted by enjelani @ 02:58 AM PST

Replies: 3 comments

yeah! comments rule.

just thinking about hittin' the bars (or whatever) to try to pick someone up gives me the shivers.

posted by eric @ 20 04 2002 06:47 AM PST

oh, to be the boyfriend of such an object of desire. ;)

posted by soren @ 20 04 2002 05:40 PM PST

I am with Eric! Huzzah for comments!

Sorry about this one, though. I will make sure that, from now on, my comments have more substance. :

posted by Moonpuddle @ 22 04 2002 09:35 AM PST