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2 April 2002 (Tuesday): ping

Someday is today.

Also, I have no arms. First day back in weight training will do that to you. Shampooing afterwards was a heroic act.

Joey is irked that I haven't called. Fair enough. Hell, it irritates me that I'm so poor at keeping up with friends. Why do I have this notion that all my friendships are ultimately transient? That's taking the long view a little too far, I think.

For lunch today: spinach salad with cottage cheese and tomatoes, and a serving of rice and black beans. I swear, I was craving the stuff. Walked right past the deep-fried whathaveyous. The body is fascinating thing.

Do you really mean that?
I do mean it.
I'm going to ask you that one day, you know.
And one day I'm going to have the answer.

posted by enjelani @ 02:49 PM PST

Replies: 5 comments

ingrid would also like her name to be changed to dale. ;)

posted by Ingrid @ 25 04 2002 02:24 PM PST

didn't we decide on Joey? :)

posted by enjelani @ 26 04 2002 09:19 AM PST

Yes, thank God.

posted by Ingrid, I mean, Dale, er... Joey???!!!! It's Joey!!! @ 27 04 2002 03:20 PM PST

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