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12 March 2002 (Tuesday): whaddawewant?

They may have to revoke my Liberated Woman license, but I found this terribly funny.

Study Finds Sexism Rampant In Nature

"The sexist attitude that child-rearing is 'women's work' is prevalent throughout nature and has been for generations, probably since reptiles first developed mammalian characteristics in the Triassic period," Tannen said. "Sadly, most creatures never pause to challenge these woefully outdated gender roles."

Tannen stressed the need to hold high those rare examples of species that do form caring, mutually supportive relationships.

"Wolves, beavers, gibbons, and a small African antelope known as a dik-dik all live in stable, monogamous pairs," Tannen said. "Other animals need to look to them as positive models if we are to have any hope of one day creating an ecosystem of understanding and respect."

- The Onion, Volume 38 Issue 9, 13 March 2002

posted by enjelani @ 06:38 PM PST

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Only one thing to say about that:

Huzzah for the dik-dik!!

posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 01:31 AM PST