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11 March 2002 (Monday): patterns

Thinking about sensations today. Walking on a deserted street at midnight, right as the threat of rain snaps into a downpour...that internal wince as I scrape gingerly at my contact lenses, trying to take them off after hours of monitor-staring...watching my mind reassemble its concept of reality as I drift awake in a bed that isn't mine, in a house fifty miles from my apartment, with the ceiling a few feet above my head...the instantly recognizable smell of sweat and spilled beer as I walk into a crowded bar...closing my eyes on a brilliant morning and opening them again to find the world has changed colors...the feel of Soren's hair between my fingers, the curve of his smile and the strange telepathy it shares with that spot in the middle of my chest...

Human beings are funny creatures.

Lynn recently sent me an essay she's been working on, regarding her profession as a seventh-grade teacher. She works ten-hour days and seven-day weeks, slowly and surely helping dozens of kids to read, to write, to think critically, to imagine things and turn them into realities. I have yet to do anything useful with my life, and I make twice her salary. Something is seriously amiss with the system here.

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