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7 March 2002 (Thursday): pick-up lines

I went to a club the other night to hear a band and kind of wallflowered for about half an hour, seeing as the only people I knew there were in the band, and they were otherwise occupied, obviously. Finally I noticed a group of five men and women dancing in a rough circle, not paired off and feeling each other up like the rest of the crowd, and on impulse I got off my bar stool and joined them. "It's about time you got here," one of the guys said, smiling. "We were worried about you."

Warm fuzzy. It would've made a good pick-up line, if I weren't already spoken for.

I'm about at the end of my laundry cycle, and it was slim pickings at the closet this morning, so I ended up cutting the price tags off a dress I'd bought a few weeks ago. There's nothing remarkable about it really; it's a knee-length short-sleeve black dress, with kind of Asian-influenced gold and blue floral things going on. But I went down into the test lab to move some stuff around just now, and one of the QA guys couldn't stop commenting on it. "Wow, you look nice today!" It's just because I'm out of normal clothes, I told him with a laugh. "Oh." Then, five minutes later: "So do you have a date tonight or something?" No, it's a laundry thing, I explained. Five minutes later: "That really is a nice dress. You look different in it, you know that?" Thank you, I said.

I suppose if I were hypersensitively PC, I'd call it sexual harassment. But I was more amused than anything. Take a girl in a short black dress and put her in front of a terminal server, debugging a LAN closet configuration, and the guy-geeks will do cartwheels, I guess. Sure formula. It's not unlike guys playing acoustic guitars. Gets the chicks every time.

posted by enjelani @ 02:29 PM PST

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Hahaha, funny funny :)

One of my coworkers and good friends has that effect on our vast kingdom of male geekoidness at work.

As one guy put it to me, "You don't meet too many chix who are more into compiling the latest version of sendmail and talking about SUN4U processors than I am."

I guess that means she's a keeper, heh.

posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 01:24 AM PST