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21 February 2002 (Thursday): self-help

Pardon me while I browse around my virtual self-help bookstore.

  1. Only a small fraction of my ideas and plans will ever be realized. This is okay. It's a good thing, really. It means long-term boredom is impossible.
  2. I am meant to walk through life, not to run. I can only go at full speed for so long before stopping to catch my breath. Pace thyself.
  3. When the downward spiral begins, focus on the tiny moments of beauty. Eat a strawberry. Drink water. Run around in the sun. Stare up at trees. Call home and have a good laugh with Mom. Make time for these things; they are what will cure me.
  4. Everything is part of the journey. Frustration, peace, depression, ecstasy, loneliness, everything. Note that true happiness is impossible without suffering -- there is no light without dark. Contrast, my dear, contrast.
  5. For God's sake, I'm only 23. Give it time.

There, now I feel all warm and fuzzy. Off to restructure my framework code!

posted by enjelani @ 02:18 PM PST

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Thanks for the hints.

I am currently tatoo-ing (no, not "Ze plane ze plane!"... well, maybe. What?) those 5 selections backwards onto my head so that I can read them when I look in the mirror in the mornings and night and during each visit to the work-place urinals.

Good stuff though ;) I hope someday i'll make a habit to remember all the things that "sounded good at the time" and actually incorporate them into my life rather than leave them on the periphery.

Someday... ;)

posted by syndromes @ 07 07 2002 12:23 AM PST